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International Diploma in Degree Foundation (IDDF)

Next Batch Location
Colombo 27th August 2016(8.30AM to 5.00 PM)
Kurunegala 27th August 2016(8.30AM to 4.30 PM)

International Diploma in Degree Foundation (IDDF) is an internationally recognized, job oriented, affordable skills development program in Sri Lanka. This program has been designed by examining the real needs of youth who are job seekers and/or seeking for higher study opportunities.

This program supports the students who do not have 'A' Level or equivalent qualifications for direct entry to a Bachelor's Degree Programmes. This 2-Semester Degree Foundation Course (IDDF) is the bridge from 12-year school education to University Degree Courses.

After finishing the Foundation Course, students can transfer directly to the main Degree course and they can expect to complete the entire degree foundation and degree in approximately 2 ½ years.

Many of our students have found studying the Foundation Course prior to the main Degree schedule extremely useful. It will help one to become accustomed to the rigour of academic learning and also provides an excellent orientation course for studying at undergraduate level in Sri Lanka and/or UK.

Irrespective of your background, students who undertake the Foundation Course tend to perform better in the main Degree programme.

There are several advantages of studying this International Diploma in Degree Foundation (IDDF) course;

• This is a Job Oriented course and students who are completing this course will increase their employability in the competitive job market which will ensure them a 100% job guarantee.
• Successful completion of the course may guarantee entry into specific degree courses at UK University, as this is the foundation in a Degree pathway.
• The course fee structure is very attractive and it has an easy payment system as well.
• The Academic Content of IDDF is covering all main aspects of employment: English, IT, Accounts and Business Studies.
• An internship place is guaranteed for those who are successfully completing the course.

  • Minimum Qualification : O/L qualified, O/L and A/L pending results or Job seekers.
  • Semester 01
    (3 months) 64 hours

    Module 01 : English Language Skills
    Module 02 : Office Applications (Ms Office 2013)
    Module 03 : Introduction to Business
    Module 04 : Internet Technology

    Semester 02
    (3 months) 88 Hours

    Module 05 : Communication Skills
    Module 06 : Computerized Accounting
    Module 07 : Programming Concepts with VB.Net
    Module 08 : Hardware & Networking Basics
    Module 09 : Graphic Design
    Module 10 : IELTS preparation
    Module 11 : Academic English & project Work

  • Colombo

    Batch 01 (Saturday):    Commenced: 30th January 2016(8.30AM to 5.00 PM)
    Batch 02 (Monday /Tuesday):  Commenced: 29th February 2016(8.30AM to 5.00 PM)
    Batch 03 (Sunday):   Commenced: 03rd Aprial 2016(8.30AM to 5.00 PM)


    Batch 01(Sunday):    Commenced: 07th February 2016(8.30AM to 5.00PM)
    Batch 02(Tuesday /Thursday):  Commenced: 09th February 2016(9.00AM to 1.00PM)

    Investment Details Amount
    Investment LKR 35,000/=
    Discounted LKR 28,000/= (first 500 Registration)
    Duration (6 Months) Semester 1 LKR 11,000/- (3 months)
    Semester 2 LKR 17,000/- (3 months)